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Mon 19 Apr 2010

French HD job in the Dutch Concertgebouw

French HD job in the Dutch Concertgebouw

A French client wanted to make a HD recording in the Netherlands without immediately having to put a complete convoy on the road. He turned to SFP, one of United’s French sister companies, and not much later it was all arranged with our Cinevideogroup, USS and ENG units getting the job done. The extra value added by Euro Media Group had been proven again.

Mezzo, the French cultural station, transmitted live in HD from the Concertgebouw, the Amsterdam concert hall, on Friday evening, 16 April. The programme could be seen in 35 countries. Mezzo has at least ten slots for live concerts available annually in its programming that have to be filled and the station entered into a partnership with the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam this year toward this end. LGM Productions, the French concern which is producing the concerts, approached our sister company SFP for the recording and they in turn outsourced the task to United.

United produced a nine-camera HD recording of the concert live on Mezzo and Unicam recorded interviews with the conductor and a couple of orchestra members beforehand. Cinevideogroup recorded the concert on hard disc directly in HD and USS also transmitted it live in HD to Paris via satellite. A successful job involving excellent cooperation with our French colleagues!