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Tue 08 Jun 2010

Euro Media Group goes to South Africa

Euro Media Group goes to South Africa

As reported by journalist Adrian Pennington of TVB Europe magazine and Michael Grotticelli of Broadcast Engineering magazine, Euro Media Group will have a strong presence in the host broadcast delivery of the World Cup in South Africa.

On the occasion of the 19th Football World Cup which will take place from 11th June to 11th July 2010, Euro Media Group, the leading European provider of audio-visual services, is going to
South Africa.

Reflecting the sport being celebrated, Euro Media Group has decided to work as a team, with the expertise of each member being put to the service of all. Euro Media Group is thus using all
of its technical and human resources to allow viewers across the whole world to follow the images of the premiere world sporting event in terms of television audience.

CTV will officiate in 2 stadia: in Nelspruit at Mbombela Stadium, and in Polokwane at Mokaba Stadium. The English subsidiary of the group will produce the international signal for 8 matches.

For its part, Euro Media France will be based at Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town (70,000 spectators), one of the most emblematic stadia of the event. Engaged by HBS (Host Broadcast
Services), EMF, the sole French provider to produce an international signal, will ensure the coverage of 8 matches, of which the first is France versus Uruguay, on Friday 11th June 2010.
A special event requires special equipment: 32 high definition cameras, 11 different signals and 50 ambience microphones for 5.1 sound recording. The use of this equipment has required 30
people to be sent to South Africa.

DVS (Digital Video Sud), the French subsidiary of Euro Media France, will be providing the production of the super slow motion images (500 images/second) for the international signal for
50 matches, including the final at Soccer City.
DVS is mobilising for the event 10 specialist engineers to make use of 10 flyaway units moved from stadium to stadium after each match. To allow two cameras per match, 6 SuperLoupes™ will be deployed at: Johannesburg Soccer City, Rustenburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein. With an exclusive distribution contract in Europe with ARRI; DVS is also offering 4 Arri Hi-Motion systems specially prepared for this type of production, distributed across the locations of Polokwane, Nelspruit, Johannesburg Ellis Park and Pretoria.

United Broadcast Facilities will also present in South Africa for the complete coverage of the Brazilian team and the unilateral coverages of the Brazil games for TV Globo. Three SNGs, two
OBs and two trailers carrying the extra equipment like cameras, cables and transmission satellites were loaded onto the boat for South Africa. UBF will not only be present for TV Globo
but also for the Dutch National broadcaster NOS. They will facilitate 30 live editions of “Studio Sportzomer”, the main evening programme comprising of a complete 5 camera studio set-up.
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