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Mon 22 Nov 2010

Kilimanjaro Film Institute

Kilimanjaro Film Institute

The Dutch United Broadcast Facilities (UBF) sponsors a very special project in Tanzania:The Kilimanjaro Film Institute (KFI). The KFI is a film school at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro that trains local youth to become young filmmakers. The youngsters, who are often disadvantaged, can then join tourists for example, who are visiting Mount Kilimanjaro, to record their trip for them. In this way they are able to earn their own living and look forward to a better future.

The film school was set up in 2007 by UBF and several other sponsors. UBF contributes equipment to the project but it also shares its skills; UBF crews fly out to Tanzania to give lessons in camera work, editing and planning, as well the technical side of filmmaking. The next group - two cameramen, an editor and a sound technician – will fly out at the end of November or early December for three weeks.

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