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Mon 22 Nov 2010

UBF connects 26 countries

UBF connects 26 countries

On Saturday November 27 tens of thousands of students across the world will take part in a dance event designed to break through the barrier of silence that surrounds HIV and AIDS – Dance4Life. The Dutch UBF will not only record the event in the Netherlands, to be held in Rotterdam’s Ahoy, but will also broadcast the spectacle’s highlight, a live satellite link between 26 of the participating countries.

Dance4Life is an international organization involving young people and is committed to cutting the incidence of HIV and AIDS in the world. The dance event forms the closing part of the organization’s Schools4Life programme. During the global ‘live moment’ broadcast by UBF, the students will all simultaneously dance the ‘drill’, a positive song and dance statement. It is hoped that this will not only draw attention to HIV and AIDS but also remind current world leaders about the promises they made in their Millennium Development Goals.

In the Netherlands, the ‘drill’ will be recorded by UBF multicamera unit Cinevideogroup, using two OB’s. In the other countries, local film crews will record the event. UBF has briefed all local Dance4Life organizations on how the event should be facilitated. In addition to film crews, United Satellite Services (USS) have organized a local Satellite News Gathering (SNG) unit in each country that will send the ‘drill’ to the Netherlands.

In the Ahoy, four USS SNGs will receive signals from around the world. A world feed will then be created and sent back to the SNGs in all the other countries so that students there can see how the dancing is going in other locations. In three SNGs, the different feeds will be down-linked from different satellites; these signals will be fed into the HOL219 as end control. All audio and video signals will be sent from the HOL219 to another van, where a director sits ready to make the international programme. A report of Dance4Life can be seen on Dutch television that evening.

In 2008 UBF also recorded Dance4Life, connecting 14 different countries. It was a magical moment!