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Sun 10 Apr 2011

Total Blackout

Total Blackout

Deliver top-quality service in the dark! That’s what 4 UBF units did in the recording of the Dutch TV game show Total Blackout.

Much of the programme, broadcast in the Netherlands by Dutch broadcaster Veronica, takes place in the dark.
But this didn’t prevent UBF units Filmpartners, Cinevideogroup, Postproduction and Decor creating a visually attractive spectacle.
And not only for a Dutch audience; a Belgian version was recorded at the same time. In Total Blackout, 6 candidates compete against each other each week in ‘the black box’ where they are given various assignments, from guessing people’s age just by touch, to completing an obstacle course.

United Decor built the interview set, the black box and an ‘elimination set’ with 6trap doors in the floor; the competitor with the lowest number of points falls 2 metres through one of these doors.
Cinevideogroup then went ahead with recording those events that didn’t take place in the dark, such as the presentations, interviews and elimination scenes.
The events that did occur in the dark were recorded by Filmpartners using 7 remote infrared cameras and 2 hand-held cameras.
Filmpartners’ previous experience with programmes such as Dating in the Dark came in useful here.
The image mixing took place in Cinevideogroup’s OB truck, while United Postproduction took care of post-recording audio and colour correction.