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Sat 07 May 2011

Euro Media Group invited to the Royal Wedding

Euro Media Group invited to the Royal Wedding

As the Olympics will clearly be the Summer story of 2012 so equally the Wedding of Katherine and William has clearly been the global Television event of 2011.
The two British subsidiaries of Euro Media Group, Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) and CTV Outside Broadcast, had front row seats to film and broadcast the images of the ceremony to TVs across the world.


It’s been another exciting, hard working and successful week for all those at ACS none more so than for our team of technicians and operators who worked on the Royal Wedding.

ACS provided over twenty SMARThead™ remote head systems and camera channels supplying coverage for the BBC, Sky News and ITN, not forgetting the world’s media.
An HD Cineflex V14 Stabilised Mount was also supplied and operated by ACS providing aerial coverage of the crowds and balcony scenes at Buckingham Palace.
But it was perhaps within Westminster Abbey itself that our crew met their biggest challenge fulfilling the majority of the camera positions that were to broadcast the ceremony world-wide.
ACS Technical Director, Sam Heaphy, and his team delivered and installed 16 of the 23 camera positions within the Abbey for the BBC.
Utilising 12 Sony P1 Camera channels and 4 Ikegami HDL 51 cameras, two of the remote heads included a 40x lens; a first for ACS’ new development with this particular lens and SMARThead™.

Several spectacular shots were achieved including a dramatic high shot over the Sacrarium for the first time in HD and with the shot developing to show the incredible scale of the internal architecture of Westminster Abbey.
Two cameras were also discretely positioned in very sensitive areas to the side of the high altar in order to show the couple from the front during the very intimate and important parts of the wedding service.
Shots of the Abbey’s bells peeling at the conclusion of the ceremony were also a first.

ACS SMARTheads™ could also be found positioned along the wedding procession route at Parliament Square, Whitehall, Horseguards and The Mall contributing to the full coverage of the couple’s journey to and from the service.

SMARThead™ had been chosen by BBC Events for the Abbey because of its small size whilst offering 2/3 in full HD quality and single cable operation, an important consideration when working in such a venue.
The quality of control allowing full use of the lenses zoom range from Canon HJ40 to HJ14 with total subtlety of movement were vital to this type of production.
This technology is coupled to many years of continually developing the client relationship and the results have clearly won universal appreciation.

ACS Managing Director, Phillip Beckett, commented, “The team here feel an enormous sense of pride at being involved in such an historical event.
Everyone has worked really hard in the planning and delivery which began at the end of last year. We’re honoured to be able to say, ACS were there.”

CTV was contracted by UK broadcaster ITN to supply its route coverage and was allotted Horseguards Parade and The Mall, our distinctive units adding a splash of muted green to the sandstone and red brick of the Old Admiralty Buildings.
The Royal Ceremonials are carefully planed, quite literally years in advance and plotted in minute detail.
From general templates, specific operations can be prepared and staged very quickly.
Nothing happens by chance when putting together a State Ceremonial and five of CTV’s most experienced Technical Managers Adam Berger, Mark Gibbons, Martin Brown, Greg Livermore and Bill Morris worked around the clock to deliver the incredible, historical spectacular that was the Royal Wedding.
CTV also provided unilateral facilities on a grand scale for two Commonwealth broadcasters; CTV and CBC Canada.
They each had Studios in the enormous Media complex hidden amongst the leafy trees in Green Park opposite Buckingham Palace and a talent position in front of Westminster Abbey.
NHK Japan chose CTV to supply their Studio operations opposite the Palace and the large contingent of Japanese production staff swelled the ranks of the many thousands of overseas TV personnel based in London for the event.
All three of the CTV supplied unilateral broadcast operations hosted daily live shows from London during the week prior to the wedding.
And the broadcast as a whole reached an estimated 2.5 Billion people worldwide.

It was therefore an exciting week of hard work and success for all the employees of the Euro Media Group in the UK, who left nothing to chance.
They worked continuously to present to the whole world this unique and historic royal wedding.
2011 will also be a royal one for Euro Media Group on the other side of the Channel – on 2nd July, the Euro Media France teams will have the important task of filming in 3D the wedding of Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock.

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