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Fri 27 May 2011

A success on every level

A success on every level

The Olympique Lyonnais women’s team won the greatest of European competitions, beating FFC Turbine Potsdam 2-0 in the final on Thursday at London’s Craven Cottage stadium.
Patrice Lair’s girls were able to enjoy the taste of revenge, having been beaten by that German team in 2010.
The other good news of the evening was the historic audience record achieved by Direct 8 yesterday evening.
The final of the Women’s Champions League drew 1,147,000 viewers, a 4.8% audience share.
The audience peak was reached at 22:36: 1,875,000 viewers watched this historic victory, which was the record audience peak for Direct 8.
Commentary was provided by Alexandre Delperier, Sandrine Roux and Jézabel Lemonier, while the director was Alexandre Perrain.

It was a success in technical terms, too – the fruit of work carried out jointly by three Euro Media Group subsidiaries:
Euro Media France (France) was responsible for production and business relations
Cinevideogroup (Holland) was responsible for the equipment and the HOL 270 OBVAN/SNG team
CTV (UK) was responsible for the rest of the staff and on-site logistic support.

A success on every level (sporting, technical and televisual)!