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Wed 15 Jun 2011

World Table Tennis Championships

World Table Tennis Championships

Rotterdam's Ahoy was the centre of the world, or at least the world of table tennis world, for a whole week in May.
During the World Table Tennis Championships, the best players from around the globe competed against each other in five different events.
United Broadcast Facilities (UBF) was commissioned by Tokyo TV to record the championships, ensuring that viewers in Japan could also enjoy the matches.
The World Table Tennis Championships are an important qualifier for the 2010 Olympic Games.

UBF has worked for the Japanese before, recording the judo championships for Fuji TV for example.
For the World Table Tennis Championships, UBF provided a state-of-the-art OB truck and basic crew; the Japanese provided the rest of the staff.
UBF recorded all the matches in which Japanese players took part; seven cameras and two small net cameras ensured optimal coverage.

In addition, a signal was taken for Tokyo TV from all the tables via the host. All matches were transmitted to Tokyo via fibreglass.