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Sun 24 Jul 2011

UBF unit 'United Decor' changes its name to 'HollandseHanden'

UBF unit 'United Decor' changes its name to 'HollandseHanden'

UBF unit 'United Decor' had been looking for a new name for some time.
Its range of skills, disciplines and activities had become so diverse that the old hat didn't fit any more.
The unit's growth strategy had been targeting an increasingly broader market, such as furnishing museums, kitting out exhibitions and events, building public attractions and company interiors, as well as renting out props and storage space.
United Decor needed a name that covered such wide diversity, as well as one that addressed the hands-on mentality of its personnel.
The name it came up with: 'HollandseHanden' (Dutch hands).

HollandseHanden is a name that reflects what the company strives for.
It is a conscious reference to what has formed the foundation of the company for years: care, dedication and craftsmanship, qualities that have characterised the company for decades.
HollandseHanden can literally 'turn its hands to anything'.
It crafts its products with pride, creativity and love for its profession.
The name also refers to the pioneers of Dutch television design.
Today, HollandseHanden create modern HD decors using LED and integrated techniques, and the company leads the way in the world of interactive museum experiences, public attractions, company interiors and events.