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Mon 25 Jul 2011

UBF/Cinevideogroup records Isle of MTV in 3D

UBF/Cinevideogroup records Isle of MTV in 3D

Following on from the successful 3D recording of top Dutch singer Marco Borsato, UBF / Cinevideogroup was presented with another challenge: recording the spectacular musical event 'Isle of MTV' in 3D.
This open-air concert was held in Il Fosos Square in Floriana, on the isle of Malta, and drew a crowd of 50,000 people.
To make sure there weren't any hitches on the day itself, all facilities were constructed and tested in the Netherlands before being carefully packed up and shipped from Genova to Malta.
Cinevideogroup flew in the most up-to-date rigs from various countries across Europe; eight 3D rigs were used for the recordings on Malta and were converged from the group’s own ultra-modern, full HD Outside Broadcast van OB 14.
Most of the crew came from UBF itself, with a few extra colleagues from within Euro Media Group.

This Maltese 3D adventure was a logical follow-up to what has become a long line of major Dutch and international concerts and events recorded by Cinevideogroup this year: Ilse de Lange in Arnhem, Marco Borsato in Arnhem (in 3D), Shakira in Paris, Pinkpop, Linkin Park on Moscow’s Red Square, Guus Meeuwis in Eindhoven, Rotterdam’s North Sea Jazz Festival, Roger Waters in Athens and Toto in Verona.
The reputation built up by UBF/Cinevideo for recording major musical events, as well as its growing reputation for 3D recordings, were the deciding factors in MTV's choice of United for 'Isle of MTV'.
Digital Cinema Package will bring 'Isle of MTV' to cinemas, and there are plans to issue it on 3D Blu-Ray DVD later in the year. And United has already completed its next 3D assignment : recording a concert given by a popular Italian singer, held at an airport in front of 110,000 spectators.