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Sun 04 Sep 2011

It’s a baby boom for Shine and TF1 with their latest brain child

It’s a baby boom for Shine and TF1 with their latest brain child

TF1 is currently broadcasting Baby Boom in the second half of the evening’s programming schedule.
This is a new genre of docu-reality show : giving birth as you have never seen it before!
The latest offering from Shine France productions is an adaptation of the British show One Born Every Minute shown on Channel 4.
Whereas the CTV teams (English subsidiary of the Euro Media Group) manage the production in England, Euro Media France is taking care of the operation in France, and more specifically in Poissy (Yvelines).

This new programme takes the viewer into the heart of a maternity ward to share the moments of happiness of the proud future parents as well as the hospital staff of the biggest maternity unit in the Ile-de-France region.
Filmed last winter, Baby Boom stands out from other productions with the same theme due to a technical innovation: EMF fitted the maternity unit with 40 cameras at human height.  The remote HD cameras discreetly blended in with the hospital walls. This was a method of filming that involved complete immersion and was devoid of any kind of voyeurism, a far cry from the sensational births we are so used to seeing on our TV screens.
During the technical installations, the Shine France and EMF teams tried to be as discreet as possible, installing, as and when they could, the many cameras in the delivery rooms, living areas and even in the operating theatre! Hygiene was of course a priority for everyone.
Two 4 channel HD servers (from DVS) allowed us to continuously record 8 different images. The system also allowed us to choose which area we were filming in (bedroom, nursery, reception etc.). As such, all of the images and sounds from the cameras and HF microphones in the area were automatically recorded onto the servers.

The separate control room of Euro Media France allowed for the daily filming of the maternity unit 24/7 over the course of a month.
The large amount of film recorded necessitated the creation of a “scripting” system for the identification and the automatic categorisation of all of the content on the dedicated servers (in preparation for the post-production which lasted seven months).
This programme is half-way between a documentary and a reality TV show. “Today, we will show you everything” promises the voice-off, also known as Céline Mauge, the official voice of Meredith Grey in the dubbing for the hospital series Grey’s Anatomy.
The show follows all of the characters, from a 16 year old girl giving birth to her first child, to a couple impatiently awaiting the birth of their twins, babies they’ve wanted for a long time. And, as with any series, you become attached to the characters you are watching, except that this time they are real.

This programme, all about the beauty of child birth, has conquered the hearts of TF1 viewers in only 2 weeks. Viewers averaged at 27% (2.3 million viewers) for the first 2 shows, topping the audience ratings for the second half of the evening’s programming schedule. We have no doubt that viewers will be tuning in next Tuesday at 11.20pm to discover more moving stories of families on the point of experiencing one of life’s biggest adventures: welcoming a child into the world!