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Tue 22 Nov 2011

The Voice made in Belgium

The Voice made in Belgium

After Holland and America we also start looking for the pure force of a voice in Flanders and Wallonia! He who survives the blind auditions and the battles will get a place in the live shows!

The candidates who survived a very strict preliminary, get to do a blind audition with a live band and live studio audience! During these blind auditions, the 4 coaches (Alex Callier, Jasper Steverlinck, Koen Wauters and Natalia) sit in a rotating chair with their backs facing the candidates in order to concentrate solely on the voice of singer standing behind them. The selected candidates will be coached by these four professionals throughout the competition. 

After the blind auditions every coach will proceed with his team to the battles. Here the candidates will compete against each other within the team. After the battles only the best vocalists remain and they will perform during the live shows! 

The recordings for The Voice have already started some time ago. From the end of October, our Videohouse colleagues will be busy editing the blind auditions, the battles and the live shows. Videohouse is also in charge of colorgrading and audio postproduction. 

Endemol is responsible for the production. You can follow The Voice van Vlaanderen every week (from 25th of November) on VTM. An Lemmens will guide you in the search for the new Flemish star! 

The Voice Belgique has the same format as the Flemish version but production will start a month later. Videohouse EFP teams will do the EFP recordings. The editing, colorgrading and audio postproduction of the blind auditions, the battles and the live shows will kick off in November and will last till April! 

The French speaking version is also produced by Endemol (coproduction by the RTBF). You can follow The Voice Belgique on the RTBF on Tuesday night. 

Enjoy the music!