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Mon 19 Mar 2012

Des chiffres et des lettres (Countdown) celebrates 40 years

Des chiffres et des lettres (Countdown) celebrates 40 years

“I’ve got it”
 “not better!”
40 years down the line, the traditional formulas, the famous theme tune and the long-time technical partner for Des chiffres et des lettres are still going strong!

Euro Media France has been able to build a long term relationship of trust with its clients: this is why, 40 years on, the oldest daily PAF (French television scene) programme still broadcast on TV (also one of the oldest in Europe), has chosen to hold its birthday special in the EMF buildings.

To celebrate the occasion, a 40 year special programme was broadcast today by France 3 in the first half of the evening. For this event, EMF provided the set (130-1 from Plaine), the lighting structures, and the different fittings and services required, such as tiered seating.

Since 1972, Euro Media France has often hosted the show on its sets, firstly in Studio Gabriel (which belonged to SFP), and then from 1990 to 2000 in the St Cloud or Vill’com (in Saint Ouen) studios. It has also ensured coverage of the special shows recorded in other towns thanks to its mobile technical equipment.

Laurent Romejko, Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard organised an exceptional evening prepared by producer Patrice Laffont, presenter of the programme for 17 years (from 1972 to 1989).
On the menu: archive images, film extracts paying homage to him, interviews in the street, and an anthology of all the foreign versions of the show.
The influence of this cult programme extends beyond the small screen: Des chiffres et des lettres has many clubs, between 250 and 300 in France and abroad- tournaments, blogs and champions too.

Outside of France, Des chiffres et des lettres has also enjoyed a fruitful career. The concept has been sold to tens of countries: the UK, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, Israel, Egypt, the USA to name but a few.

The recipe of success? “I think that Armand Jammot’s idea was great: numbers and letters, the most basic things in the world” says Patrice Laffont before adding “I knew that it would last a long time. But how could we have imagined the show would get to 40 years?”

 > Des chiffres et des lettres, France 3, this evening at 8.35pm