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Thu 22 Mar 2012

NAB 2012 - MXF server Technology Workshop

NAB 2012 - MXF server Technology Workshop

Saturday April 14th 2012 in Las Vegas

We would like to invite you to our MXFserver workshop on Saturday April 14th 2012 in Las Vegas.
The purpose of this technology workshop is to understand the (technical) background of the solution, differences between edit in place / AVID ISIS / EditShare, understand how to install our software on a server and how to integrate the solution at the customers’ production platform. We will also explain the benefits for Adobe Premiere Pro with MXFserver, and possible workflows.

Host will be Pieter Hornix, CTO of FilmPartners.

We are also proud to show you the MXFserver and Adobe Premiere Pro integrated solution, so now Adobe editors have a platform for collaborative workgroup editing. This solution with MXFserver on a single storage system offers Adobe Premiere Pro the same workflow possibilities as other networked editing systems.

In addition to MXFserver running on Harmonic MediaGrid and IBM xSeries, we now also provide a solution for fiber based network editing with DDN xStreamScaler which will be shown at this workshop.

Some features of MXFserver are: quota management, growing files, rights management, bin-locking, project locking, Active Directory, API interfacing, web based MediaBrowser, virtualization of the media, archive management (LTO 5) and standard IT. Once media has been ingested MXFserver enables all workstations (AVID MC, FCP, Adobe CS) to access the same media by virtual linking. Copying of media is no longer necessary. The operating system is Windows Server 2008 R2.

This workshop covers:

1.    General understanding of the MXFserver features and functionalities
2.    Differences between Edit-in-Place, Avid Unity ISIS, Edit Share and MXFserver
3.    Integration with Adobe (and other NLE’s)
4.    MediaBrowser
5.    Unique Selling Points
6.    Different architectures and hardware (server and storage)
7.    Study several reference cases
8.    Questions

During NAB you can also see MXFserver:

  • Harmonic booth SU1802
  • DDN booth SL6611

Please let us know if you like to join this event :