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Sun 08 Apr 2012

PSG/OM : 11 hours of live footage !

PSG/OM : 11 hours of live footage !

A classic match that wasn’t that classic took place this Sunday as Canal+ devoted 11 hours of airtime to the match!
“Never seen before for a League 1 match” and “exceptional technical resources” highlighted the channel in its press release.  
In order to pull out all the stops and to provide the best equipment possible, Canal+, of course, teamed up with the leader in audiovisual services, Euro Media France!

From the start of broadcast (at 5pm) to the end of broadcast (at 3am), 2 EMF teams (130 people) and 4 directors were in action to cover this television marathon which stretched from the arrival of the players to their departure from the stadium. 

Jean-Jacques Amsellem and Mohamed Hassani were with OB truck XXL1 in the heart of the Parc des Princes.

For this large-scale project, EMF used 30 camera positions (a Spidercam, two Superloupe from our subsidiary DVS) and for content enrichment another EMF subsidiary, Symah, installed their editorial equipment in order to broadcast a flow of statistics and a 3D graphics palette. 

In the control rooms of the Boulogne studios, where Canal Football Club (CFC) was being recorded, Jérôme Revon directed the programme, which was largely devoted to the PSG/OM match ( offering several duplex transmissions).

At 10.50 pm, after the match, the channel showed a full debrief with interviews at the stadium and the analysis in the studios; here it was Laurent Lachand who was in charge of direction.
From half past midnight to 3am, the whole of the match was discussed and analysed in the ‘Grand Débrief’ [the big debrief] (still in the Boulogne Studios) with commentaries from the players, palettes, statistics, consultants’ analyses, debates etc. 

A big well done to Canal+ for this great programme entitled “The Longest Day” dedicated to the match event!

The coded TV channel knew how to adapt its tone in order to keep the viewer’s attention; the match smashed audience figures; this exceptional operation recorded the channel’s biggest ratings for this one day (season 2011-2012) since the César awards (an event also produced using EMF’s services), which were broadcast uncoded- with 5.7% of the audience share for France as a whole.