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Mon 14 May 2012

Queen’s Day

Queen’s Day

The Dutch Queen celebrates her birthday on ‘Queen’s Day’.
Every year, she does this by visiting two places in a Dutch province where she is guided around various activities with her family.
The visits are broadcast live by Dutch station NOS.

This year, United was in Veenendaal, the main location for our Queen’s visit and her entourage, for NOS.

The signal for the other location, Rhenen, was brought there by satellite. United did the final editing and sent the signal through to NOS for broadcasting.
In Veenendaal, cables were laid in advance for the cameras; alongside these, United worked with wireless cameras and cranes. The report car stood in a central place mid-route. Our ENG teams were also on the road on Queen’s Day; no fewer than eight of our teams travelled around the country to report on the party.