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Thu 31 May 2012

Campina chooses United for milk promotion

Campina chooses United for milk promotion

Campina milk comes from The Netherlands. To bring this to the country’s attention, 5,000 dairy farmers shared out a total of 250,000 litres of free milk throughout the country on 23rd May. United was there, with a large-scale operation in which almost all of its units participated.

The main location for ‘Operation Campina’ was the Convention Factory in Amsterdam. The dispensing promotion was launched there in the main hall, all followed by a multiple camera crew. United were outside with the OB2 to direct, an editorial car, the HOL-7 for the up and down link and a production shed. The promotion also took place in Heerenveen, Den Bosch and Rotterdam at the same time. In these towns too, United provided the up and down links so that the towns were in contact with each other; via large screens they could chat and see each other’s images. Twelve other places in the country watched along too; the signal was transmitted to the Media Center in Hilversum, where it was made available via the internet. 

As soon as the signal to start was given, the dairy farmers went into the country with their cartons of milk. Ten United ENG teams made films of this, which were uploaded and put together by three editing teams in Amsterdam for the ‘grand finale’, held in the different towns at the end of the afternoon.

The entire operation was so streamlined that it looked like it had been a simple task. Nothing could have been further from the truth! With around a hundred-strong team, four up and down links , the Media Center running at full speed and ENG crews throughout the country, it was a huge operation.