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Tue 26 Jun 2012

André Rieu Concert

André Rieu Concert

The famous square in Maastricht, ‘Het Vrijthof’, became a theater from 22nd to 24th June when Dutch violinist
André Rieu gave three of his famous concerts. United was signed up for the large-scale concert recording.

After two days of building and testing, the shows on Friday and Saturday were recorded. Three locations were set up for directing: a main one for the show and a second one for the atmosphere in OB14, and a third one for the screens in OB15. In total, 28 cameras were used. 192 channels in OB14 were available for sound – plus 192 back-ups – of which 165 were used. The intercom control was also handled from OB14. To avoid ‘Het Vrijthof’ being completely full of cables, United made use of fiber-optic cables in which signals could be ‘stacked’. The show (which was compiled from 21 sources) was streamed directly via EVS and X-fly’s to the customer’s Avid, so that the first assembled version could be ready, in eight different formats, languages and sets of subtitles, by Wednesday.

There is a world-wide cinema viewing on Saturday 30th June, and the show will later be released on DVD.