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Fri 24 Aug 2012

The Transpasets Grand Ouest studios are unveiled

The Transpasets Grand Ouest studios are unveiled

On the occasion of the 5th Film Francophone d’Angoulême, Transpamedia will inaugurate, on the 26th August, the Transpasets Grand Ouest studios.
Present in the Poitou Charente region since April 2005, Transpamedia, which already rents audio-visual equipment (lighting, power, cameras, machinery, technical vehicles), last year signed a rental contract with Pôle Magelis for the use of 19 000 m² of land (10 000 m² of buildings) for 6 years.
Situated in St Yrieix, the ‘Aredi’ studio complex has been renamed as the ‘Transpasets Grand Ouest’ studios. In one year, Transpamedia has successfully completed a significant amount of renovation work (more than 250 000 € already injected into the project) in order to make it into an efficient and competitive space.

The site has 4 studios:
•    600 m² completely equipped and soundproofed
•    700 m² with stagedecks and a cyclorama (17 m long x 5 m high)
•    350 m² usable in its original form as industrial wasteland
•    1 000 m² reserved for the recording of animated films

In addition to these 4 studios, there is an array of other services, with 900 m² of parking, 340 m² of dressing rooms (which are still be fitted out), 3 sets of offices equipped with telephone and internet (from 100 to 150m²), but also a large woodwork workshop, a locksmiths workshop, and a stock room of costumes and accessories managed by the O2 costumes association (also open to the general public).
Finally, Transpamedia will welcome through its doors various societies and associations linked to the cinema (Nova Grip, Auteurs et Associés, a head of electronics, and a head of accessories or Déco Stock16).
Several telefilms, such as La Nouvelle Maud (Merlin Productions) and Victoire Bonnot (VAB Productions), but also feature films such as Le Grand Soir directed by Benoît Delépine, Gustave Kervern (GMT Productions) were filmed during the course of 2011 in these Charentais studios. The first 3 sets were occupied up until this week by Norimage Films/Moonscoop for the filming of the manga Code Lyoko Evolution (5th season of the cartoon which is a massive hit abroad).
One month before the official opening of the Paris Studios in the heart of the Cité du Cinéma in Saint Denis, Transpamedia continues to show its ability to develop regionally with its numerous branches (Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Angoulême, Corsica, Switzerland) or even the future opening of a branch in Brittany!