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Thu 21 Mar 2013

EMF is singing again!

EMF is singing again!

The Voice returns to the Studios du Lendit with its second season, which will start on 2nd February on TF1. 
The 4 red arm chairs and the giant hand were reinstalled on set L1 (1,300m²) for Shine France. Set L2 (200m²) was used for the interviews on the show.

Produced by Tristan Carné (Danse avec les stars, and the Téléthon), OB truck XL1 was used for the auditions recorded in November 2012, and the ‘battles’ filmed in January. 
Euro Media France provided 15 cameras including 1 RF Steadicam carried by Mathieu Caudroy. 
The lighting was provided by Fred Dorieux’ team whereas SILENCE took care of the sound.

The 4 coaches, Jenifer, Florent Pagny, Garou and Louis Bertignac, are once again taking part in the adventure as well as the presenters Nikos Aliagas and Karine Ferri. 
Backstage, Salomé and Louise (ex-contestant from Season 1), have swapped their singing costumes for those of a V-Reporter.

Same rules for the auditions as last year: judging of the vocal talents is done ‘blind’- so only the voice matters, and nothing else!! 
It is still worth noting, however, that there will be some changes compared to last season, for example after each ‘battle’ the 4 coaches can save a contestant from elimination and take them on to their team.
This will be shown during prime time in April!