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Thu 21 Mar 2013

3-D in 1789, Euro Media did it!

3-D in 1789, Euro Media did it!

At the time there were no cameras, let alone 3-D! Yet, Euro Media France did it with the 3-D film 1789, les Amants de la Bastille [1789, the Lovers of the Bastille]!

OB truck XL1 was installed backstage at the Palais des Sports in Paris for Keystone. 
After the world premiere that was the audiovisual filming of Mozart l’opéra rock [Mozart, the rock opera] in December 2010, Euro Media France is in action again with the 3-D filming of the show produced by Dove Attia and Albert Cohen. 
Euro Media France helped the South Korean team composed of 70 technicians with the installation of 8 rigs, 1 rig more than was used in the filming of Mozart l’opéra rock. 
We also provided all the necessary material for the “stereographer” area, located in the corridor of the Palais des Sports. 

With stage direction and choreography by Giuliano Peparini, the show takes the viewer on a journey from all of Asia to the best period of the French Revolution, between the spring of 1789 and the 26th August 1789, the date of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.