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Fri 05 Jul 2013

Your Smart Studio, a new offering from EMF

Your Smart Studio, a new offering from EMF

Euro Media France's latest brainchild, Your Smart Studio, successfully completed its first mission yesterday

The 150m² studio complete with LED lighting and talk decor, an HD production unit controlling 5 remotely-controlled cameras including one travelling, is delivered "ready to shoot". Recording and reading formats are fully digital. Located inside our Boulogne studios, Your Smart Studio is available for rental in 3½-hour sessions, intended primarily for making podcasts and live broadcasts. Included in the price are two technical support technicians and 8Mb symmetrical SDSL connectivity.
You just need to find your director, sound engineer and multicam operator.

The studio was inaugurated with a live web TV programme commissioned by the 'Medical Production' company. It was a promising start; the client was thrilled with the facilities and they have decided that from now on they will be offering this format for all their productions. Selected clients this summer will be shown round the facility and the aim is to be operational in September 2013.

Our thanks go to all those who helped this project reach fruition, in particular project managers Philippe Robert, Julien Schneider and Stéphane Lemarchand.