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Thu 19 Dec 2013

HELLO! SHOW a performance delivered at fibre-optic speed

HELLO! SHOW a performance delivered at fibre-optic speed

HELLO! SHOW a performance delivered at fibre-optic speed
... or when the French expression « Faster than the music » couldn’t be more appropriate

Take note, this is a groundbreaking first!
On 7 November, the second edition of the HELLO ! Show, whose purpose is to present the latest technological innovations by Orange was also the occasion for a remarkable technical demonstration. 

The group drew on the expertise of Euro Media France and its subsidiary S-TV to meet a technical as well as an artistic challenge.

For the first time, our technicians were able to give musicians the impression that they were playing live, side by side and without the ticking metronome sound. The images and sound were synchronised and reproduced on both sides, with no latency. Normally video footage needs to be compressed before being sent and then decompressed before it is broadcast (as is the case for a link-up) but EMF succeeded in reducing the delay to a level that has never been achieved before, i.e. less than a millisecond!    

Chilly Gonzales, the pianist who holds the world record for the longest concert: (27 hours, 3 minutes and 44 seconds) met this challenge by playing live in Rue Bassano while his quartet of musicians was based at Paris’ Maison de la Mutualité. The pianist and the quartet could see and hear each other despite the distance. In order to avoid the slightest delay there was no audio and video compression; we used optical multiplexing for transmission along a single optical fibre instead of conventional two-way transmission modes.     

Perfect synchronisation did not only take place on stage: our teams shared a human and technical adventure, working in harmony with Globecast-Orange and Le Team in order to achieve a very short delivery time! The whole orchestrated by Pascal Hendrick in command of our flyaway control room!