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Fri 16 May 2014

EMF, a partner of choice for the European Judo Championships

EMF, a partner of choice for the European Judo Championships

This weekend in Montpellier, our XXL2 OB truck as well as the SNG XS2 OB van could be found in the parking of the Park&Suites Arena for the European Judo Championships. Euro Media France is a partner of the French Judo Federation and is in charge of the coverage and international broadcast of the tournament.  

 Directors Olivier Denis and Pascal Mahieu were in charge of producing the international feed for the French Judo Federation (FFJ) and the European Judo Union (EJU), whereas our black belt holder, Sébastien Lelong was in charge of the graphics package for the Equipe21 feed.

Production of this event headed by Jean Castilleros, required a crew of about 50 technicians to set up and record the fights.

20 cameras including 2 Loupes, 2 wireless and 4 studio cameras were deployed around the 4 tatami mat fighting areas. 

France won 13 medals including 6 gold during the individual events of the European Championships and finished first European nation. The French women’s team also obtained a gold medal and the men’s team won a bronze medal, all of which represents 47% of all the titles won this weekend.  

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