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Mon 25 Jan 2016

United - Innovation day: informing and inspiring.

United - Innovation day:  informing and inspiring.

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Nobody could have missed the fact there was something going on at United: our Innovation Day was promoted on a giant screen on top of a truck parked in front of our building. The event focused on new possibilities in the fields of broadcast, post-production and content distribution.

Added value
A wide range of television were on display: from media management, remote broadcast solutions and augmented reality to various post-production applications. "Today, I came across a number of United activities I wasn’t aware of," says Wilco Jung (We Are the Night). " MediaConnect EMG Content Services, for example. For some time, I've been looking for a system that can collect social media data and distribute it through our own channels. I certainly see the added value of MediaConnect and will be going home with a lot to think about…"

5.1 Audio Experience
Willem Roskam (Talpa) didn’t know about MediaConnect, either. "United really surprised me with this system. I think HDR is another really interesting development; I definitely think this is where we're heading. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to hear the potential of 5.1 Audio. Of course, it’s not entirely new, but it provides a rich experience. It would be nice if each broadcast station were to offer this as a standard. It’s also pleasantly surprising to see United looking at remote broadcast in many different ways."

Getting inspired
While ENG specialist Maurits explains how the choice of lens affects the image of a large sensor camera, Kaldi’s barista makes the two hundred and fiftieth cup of coffee. Johan den Boef (EO) found out about the DIT-box five minutes ago. "That immediately got me thinking about added value for our productions." He came to the Innovation day looking for inspiration: "I am very interested in new developments. I want to know what is possible and understand how everything works."

Super Invention
Aleid Smid (ASTC Media) is also keen on technical innovation. "Connected Camera, for example, is a truly great invention! Ideal when you need to have news items on standby. What’s more, the workflow is very fast. The same is true of multiple-camera Satellite. I am really happy with the improvements in this area! Of course, I’d heard about this, but actually seeing it for myself makes such a big difference and really adds value. "

Focus on technology
Madelon van der Weijden (Niehe Media) also sees the added value of experiencing technical possibilities herself. "Normally, we think in terms of content first and technology later. It’s good to sometimes focus on technology, , because that gives you a very different perspective. Here, we get inspired to approach productions in a different way, because we see what is currently possible. Developments happen so rapidly that it becomes hard to keep up to date with everything. It's great that United takes care of this for us!"

Practical and sociable
Because demonstrations are held at different locations throughout the building, some guests need a moment to find all the correct routes and entrances. In the end, everyone finds their way, though. "The event is really well set up," says Willem Roskam (Talpa). "The layout is very clear and gives a good idea of where you can find specific disciplines." Jetske Elzenga (Zodiak) has just walked in: "My first impression? Very nice and well organized. We work with United a great deal, so it is good to see all the latest possibilities. I'm very curious about the new United Anywhere solutions; remote production could be very interesting for us. "

Wide variety
René Delwel has just given a tour to François-Xavier Oliveau, one of the shareholders of parent company Euro Media Group: "I am impressed by the wide variety of technical options, but also by the way the day has been structured. It’s impressive how you can go from one experience to the other; you need to see the opportunities to understand what they can mean for the end-user. "

In particular, the Ultra HD viewing experience made a big impression on the French visitor. "I’ve only been working in this industry since November 2015, so I'm pretty new. Honestly, I had not expected that Ultra HD would be that much difference from HD, but I'm really impressed. I am also impressed with United; you work in an environment that is constantly changing, which requires a high degree of flexibility. Furthermore, you are highly competitive and capable of finding new ways to get the job done. "

Building augmented sets
At the end of the afternoon, Henny Jore (BNN VARA) concludes his tour of all the possibilities on display. He’s especially interested by the potential of augmented reality. "We could use this when we start shooting pilot shows, for example, rather than building dedicated sets. Furthermore, I find it surprising to see how far United is in post-production. That’s actually the case in most areas: United is capable of so many things! "

Big smile
Ralph ten Kate (Sales Manager United) looks back at a successful Innovation Day, attended by some three hundred visitors. "The atmosphere was good, everyone who dropped by enjoyed a very positive experience. I expect that next year even more people will attend.” In fact, Henny Jore demands that the Innovation Day should be a recurring event: "United is far too modest – it’s good to show off what you’re capable of. United dares to look far ahead and act accordingly. What’s more, they really think along with their costumers about improving productions at facility and technical level. I always leave there with a big smile!"