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Thu 19 May 2016

United initiates large-scale HDR test

United initiates large-scale HDR test

On April 14, forty Dutch film and television professionals came together at the invitation of United. The aim of this gathering: carrying out an independent comparison test between several high-end UHD (Ultra High Definition) cameras currently available on the market. In cooperation with, among others Camalot, Camera Rentals and the Nederlandse Film Academie (Dutch Film Academy), a benchmark involving nine cameras took place. Noteworthy detail: in addition to the digital cameras, a 35mm film camera was also present on the Amsterdam set.

"UHD means more than just higher resolution," says Thijs van de Kamp, workflow consultant at United. "HFR (High Frame Rate), WCG (Wide Colour Gamut) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) are also very important when it comes to offering consumers a more intense experience. We examined all of these aspects in our test, focusing on HDR. "

Worldwide, there are still very few parties who experienced in recording in UHD and HDR. United has already built up the necessary expertise in this area and is globally considered a pioneer. One recent example is technically facilitating the UHD recording of the recent The Rolling Stones concert in Cuba.

United is proud of its pioneering status. To lead the way in new developments, research is of significant importance. "We have set up four tests. Each of these had a specific purpose," explains Thijs van de Kamp. "HDR, put simply, allows for more colour and contrast in the camera. In post-production, this information is maintained and processed to a high standard. To the consumer, the end result looks almost exactly the same as what their eyes perceive when looking at the real world.  To test how different cameras perform, a challenging test was set up, with lots of colour and contrast. "

High-end cameras from different manufacturers, including ARRI, Canon, Panasonic, Red and Sony, were tested. “We also decided to record on 35mm film," says van de Kamp. "This material is being used as a reference, as 35mm is still seen as the ultimate carrier. The other cameras will be compared to this footage in post-production."

The project is especially unique as a result of the cooperation between the various parties. Following post-production phase, all participants will jointly review the results and discuss. This summer, United will be placing all resulting videos online. Watch the United website!

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