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Wed 01 Jun 2016

Innovation: EUROMEDIA 1rst 360° live streaming for CANAL+

Innovation: EUROMEDIA 1rst 360° live streaming for CANAL+

To celebrate the big return of boxing to the channel,  CANAL+  commissioned EUROMEDIA for its first 360° shoot.

Saturday 20 May, at the Palais des Sports de Paris, EUROMEDIA added a virtual reality camera to its already substantial filming platform for filming the WBA heavyweight and light-weight boxing championship.

Commissioned by the technical department of CANAL+, the EUROMEDIA teams successfully produced their first 360° shoot with Digital Immersion.
The video was broadcast live and is also available in VOD on MyCanal, for all subscribers.
Immersed in the heart of the action, right next to the ring and the fights, television viewers were able to follow the matches as if they were right there.
The camera was placed in one corner of the ring and offered a unique and unprecedented view of the fights.

The quality and immersive aspect of this 360° HD live shoot were unanimously praised.

Julien Mougin, project leader, Broadcast, EUROMEDIA said: "Boxing is a sport that lends itself particularly well to use of this new technology. With virtual reality, there is no out-of-camera, the viewer gets to control what he sees;  he is active and lives the event even more intensely. Virtual reality is a way of telling another story that can be used in several fields, sport of course but also variety programs, games, light entertainment and live performances."

Matthieu Skrzypniak, head of technical innovation at EUROMEDIA expressed his satisfaction: "EUROMEDIA is changing the video media by bringing freedom of movement and hitherto-unknown possibilities for interaction. This technology is an important factor of audience attractiveness for our clients, who are always looking for new experiences for their followers."

Lionel Vialaneix, Chairman of EUROMEDIA added: "Just as the Superloops of our DVS subsidiary revolutionized the way people watch sport – we can no longer imagine seeing a football match without slow-motion sequences - EUROMEDIA is taking the lead role in 360° video, which will from now on be a key part of the content provided when broadcasting sports or entertainment events."

Next stage that EUROMEDIA and CANAL+ are looking at: 360° shooting of the Top 14 final to be played in Barcelona on June 24. EUROMEDIA hopes to integrate an additional innovation to this 360° shoot by broadcasting live in 4K.