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Mon 24 Sep 2018

Euro Media Group and Simplylive start long term partnership

Euro Media Group and Simplylive start long term partnership

As a leading provider of broadcast facilities and services throughout Europe, Euro Media Group (EMG) starts a long term partnership with the company Simplylive, in order to develop innovative solutions for the broadcast industry. This partnership is an opportunity to develop new markets and to propose new solutions to its clients. In order to capture these markets efficiently, the partnership includes a significant multi-year investment in Simplylive technology by Euro Media Group (EMG) and the implementation of a training and competence center. This center will be designed to train operators and to design and build production workflows of tomorrow.

François-Charles Bideaux, co-CEO of Euro Media Group adds, “We see this as an opportunity to better serve our client’s needs and expectations not only for today but into the future. The Simplylive approach has proven the ability to streamline the production footprint and operational costs while maintaining a high-level result. We will work closely with Simplylive to help our customers create more and more professional content.”

The Simplylive solutions offer an innovative and intuitive approach that have gained fast adoption in the industry. The Simplylive applications and systems range from digital media recorders, multi-camera slomo servers, to the sophisticated all-in-one integrated production solution, ViBox.

“I am excited about this partnership and look forward to building upon the momentum Simplylive has gained with our solutions”, says Luc Doneux, Managing Director of Simplylive. “This partnership will allow us to cultivate our products and work with a knowledgeable partner in EMG to meet the demands of the industry.”

About Euro Media Group

Euro Media Group is a leading provider of broadcasting and audiovisual services within the European market. The Group combines unique know-how and world-renowned expertise to master the entire value chain from image creation to distribution.

New-media driven, Euro Media Group is a valued partner for major international events, including sporting (Tour de France, Football World Cup and Formula One), live shows (Eurovision, Royal Weddings, Concerts…) and entertainment-based events (The Voice, Masterchef, the X-Factor…). Euro Media Group has a diverse range of studios and one of the largest fleet of mobile recording equipment in Europe.

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About Simplylive

Simplylive is a technology company developing innovative solutions for the broadcast and digital industry. Simplylive solutions come with an innovative approach that breaks with the traditional blueprint and focus on intuitive, collaborative user experiences. We simplify the learning curve with smart touchscreen UIs to allow the focus on the editorial for the highest production value.
Applications and products range from our digital master recorders to the multi-camera servers for various applications:

  • Live All In One Production systems
  • Slow Motion Replays
  • Official and Coaching Video Review
  • Digital recorders and Master Recording
  • Live streaming

Always open to new trends and ideas, Simplylive cherishes customer feedback and innovative ideas. Simplylive was created to be agile and remains open and flexible to custom development requirements.

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