Specialist Cameras
We supply and operate specialist camera equipment to capture international events and shoots from around the world
A unique inventory and specialist crew

Aerial Camera Systems (ACS), Euro Media Group’s specialist camera and aerial filming division, is widely recognised as a world leader in its field. Based in the UK and conducting shoots world-wide, ACS’ highly skilled operational team are acknowledged experts in their profession and its camera crew critically acclaimed, winning multiple Primetime EMMYs and a BAFTA Craft between them.

The company has a unique inventory of facilities available for rental with specialist crew which include aerial filming and coordination services, high performance compact SMARThead™ robotic heads, minicams, stabilised mounts, aerial drones, railcams, wirecams, tracking vehicles and the unique sponsor funded EyeFlyer blimp.

For more information visit: www.acsmedia.com

Ultra Motion

Our ultra-motion division, Digital Video Sud operates the Superloupe™, an exclusive ultra-motion system used to capture 500 frames per second with full Hi-Definition. The first ultra slow-motion camera for live broadcast it delivers unbelievable quality and definition.

For more information visit: www.dvs-sport.tv