Electronic News Gathering

Operating globally, we have over 100 ENG (Electronic News Gathering) units for the coverage of events, news reports, magazine programmes, etc. 

Specialist EFP-camera crews (Electronic Field Production) are on the road daily providing high-quality content. Our ENG department arranges camera registrations for television, internet and business. We are active in news and current affairs, reality, entertainment, sports, business journals, corporate films, drama productions, travel and expedition programs as well as specialising in candid camera projects and multi-camera ENG workflows.

Our work is tailored to each assignment, working closely with our clients to ensure each shoot is a success.  Additionally, our planning, publishing and technical services are available and deployable 24/7. This enables us to execute client instructions almost immediately.

Professional video crew

The best productions are made by a close team that cooperates well. Our crew is multidisciplinary and make the most of every shoot day. They provide expertise in filming, sound recording and editing, as well as in candid cameras and drone work.  

In addition to our crew’s expertise, we are at the forefront of the latest techniques and technologies and regularly train our crew to be able to work with the very latest equipment such as UHD/HDR, connected workflows and multirack audio registration.  In doing this, we can always find the perfect match of people and technique for any shoot.

From high-end to low-end

We offer diversity in delivery. From low-end solutions, such as Cam-Joe to High-end UHD/HDR registrations and anything in between. We also have a wide assortment of lighting, grip, audio facilities, lenses, fixed rig, specials and (remote) reality camera systems. Working in partnership with our clients we deliver competitively priced shoots for any given situation or scenario.

Our ENG clients

Fremantle | ITV Studios Netherlands | Banijay | Talpa Entertainment Producties | AVROTROS |  KRONCRV | IdtV | Endemol | Strix | Zodiak | VRT | RTBF | RTL | VTM | Telenet Prime | NOS | ORF | SBS | VIER | Kanaal Z – Canal Z | TV Brussel | Deutsche Welle | Bayerischer Rundfunk