Media facility design & engineering
Your technical needs engineered into reality

Euro Media Group’s division, Projectbuilders, is a design and engineering company that specialises in the creation of OB-Trucks, TV & Radio control rooms.

The team combines state of the art design and ergonomics together with a thorough understanding of broadcasting workflows, acoustics, lighting and air-conditioning requirements.

The results are stunning and unique designs, entirely tailored to the customer requirements, taste and cultural environment.

All projects originate from design pitches the team supplies which then evolve through brainstorming sessions with all the users that need to be involved.

Before handover to the engineering and manufacturing teams, the complete project is drawn in 3D and fully rendered with all the equipment in place.

To ensure that the final result meets our standards, we continually monitor the quality during every step of the construction and installation process, regardless of where the subcontractors and project is located in the world.

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