Simplified Production
The multiplication of broadcasters and the rising consumption of sports content across digital platforms encourages rights holders, federations and leagues to produce more live content. These innovative forms of production have to adapt to models that differ from those used for high end productions. EMG has built a strong partnership with the company SimplyLive to develop innovative solutions for the broadcast industry.
Multi-camera production, Re-imagined

Our simplified production solutions come with an innovative approach that breaks with the traditional blueprint and focusses on intuitive, collaborative user experiences. The goal is to simplify the learning curve with smart touchscreen UIs to allow the focus on the editorial, for the highest production value. Applications and products range from digital master recorders to the multi-camera servers for various applications such as: 

  • Live All In One Production Systems
  • Slow Motion Replays
  • Official and Coaching Video Review
  • Digital Recorders 
  • Master Recording