Studios & Production Galleries
We own studios of all sizes which are all connected to the media centre’s production galleries, including virtual studio facilities. Located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy & Germany, they are suited for television productions and live television broadcasts as well as corporate events and workshops.

We own 10 studios across 4 different locations in Belgium, all operated by our Belgian entity, Videohouse.

Every studio has its own characteristics offering a wide range of possibilities, whether the requirement is for a small space for an intimate studio debate or a studio with huge sets and excellent acoustics for many artists and a large audience. Videohouse has a studio that is right for every production. 

Further details can be found at EMG’s Belgian division, Videohouse

In Vilvoorde 

  • Studio 1 - 833m²
  • Studio 2 - 737m²
  • Studio 3 - 145m²
  • Studio 5 - 52m²
  • Studio 6 - 565m²
  • Studio 7 - 1377m²

In Leuven

  • Manhattan studio 1 - 800 m²
  • Manhattan studio 2 - 1400m²
  • Manhattan studio 3 - 1035m²
  • Manhattan studio 4 - 260m²